We recently visited the beautiful studio of our favourite plant-based and earth-friendly skincare brand, Très Nagual. Forming part of the South African Dear Rae Collective, we sat down to chat with them about their business, crafting process and philosophies.



How did you first discover your passion for making apothecary products?

It feels like it discovered us. We were living on a farm in Switzerland surrounded by a small forest and distant mountains. It was early spring, ice was melting and the first flowers were coming alive. I guess it was also our passion. We were exploring new ways of expressing our creativity and our love; how to have a greater countenance in the world; and sharing our medicine by adding beauty and creating meaningful gifts. Our first batch of soap was a wormwood & sage.



Name the five most important values that inspire you to do what you do.

Balance: To be centred, embrace opposites and reclaim any points of polarity.

Well-being: A feeling space we craft from which is our intention/prayer with every creation.

Artisan: Taking pride in the work of our hands. Keeping it small-batch, hand-cut, mindfully poured.

Quality: To alchemise with the highest quality of awareness and ingredients.

Regeneration: Thinking beyond "sustainability" into a regenerative paradigm.


How do you find and source the ingredients that go into your products?

It all starts by connecting to presence. Tuning into nature. Feeling what is alive inside and all around us. Going for hikes. Spending time in the garden. Being witness to Mother Nature and her cycles. We're very blessed to collaborate with Cape Fynbos Essential Oils, which has a big influence on our creation cycles. For example - we'll head out with Camilla to one of the farms, be with the flowering fynbos, hand-harvest and assist with the distillation process of making essential oils. We are very grateful to experience this alchemy first hand - transforming the spirit of a plant from one form to another. That oil will then go into our next season of products.



How did you land up living and working on Lalaphanzi Farm?

We were doing a southern peninsula road trip, appreciating the Deep South energies and imagining what it would be like to live here. We actually drove past the Scone Shack, looked at each other and turned back. I guess that was a key decision which led us here now. The universe opened this door for us.


It is clear that you pour so much love and soul into each product. How do you manage to find a work/life balance?

It is definitely a learning journey. What helps is taking breaks, ocean swims, yoga, eating healthy, turning to our values, and realigning. Our work is our greatest gift.



You have cultivated a business that inspires people to see the world differently. What practices do you incorporate into Très Nagual that sets it apart from a traditional business model?

Feeling comes first. We believe our emotional power is most effective when it's supporting what we create. Flowing trust, always aware, and ready to make decisions independently. A dance of consciousness. We also accept cryptocurrency.