Dear Rae jewellery is handcrafted with the intention to last lifetimes. As with any precious object, however, it is important to look after your jewels to ensure their longevity. Please find a curation of tips and tricks below that will help keep your pieces clean, safe and well taken care of.




~ Place a little trinket bowl in your bedroom or bathroom so your jewellery always has a safe spot in your sanctuary. Alternatively, you can reuse your Dear Rae packaging - the orange ochre jewellery box - as a beautiful home for your jewels.

~ Be sure to remove your rings before moisturizing – especially those with gemstones or diamonds. Lotion build-up  in the small nooks and crannies of your ring can be a place for bacteria to thrive and for irritants to collect – which can cause skin irritation. If there is moisture trapped underneath your stone, it can also lead to unnecessary wear and tear, and even loosening of claws. Rather wait for your moisturiser to sink in before putting your rings back on.

~ If you work with your hands or enjoy activities like weight lifting, rock climbing or building/renovating, it’s important to consider how hard you are on your hands.  If you’re about to engage in something requiring rigorous handy-work, opt to remove your rings  just to be safe. Metal is not unbreakable and it can wear down over time, should it get knocked around enough.

~ Once a week, as part of your routined jewellery maintenance, you can leave your rings to soak in hot water with a few drops of sunlight liquid. This will help loosen any dirt or build-up, after which you can lightly scrub them with a soft toothbrush.



Important things to know:

- Washing your hands with soap and water  is less harmful for your rings than using sanitisers.

~ Some hand sanitisers can react with the copper elements in rose gold which causes the metal to wear slightly faster. Others, containing chlorine, can cause your sterling silver jewels to tarnish.

~ Repeated contact with certain cleaning agents, perfumes and lotions can break down the brilliance of your gemstones and dull the vivid colour over time. 

What you can do:

~ Washing your hands with soap and water is the best defence against germs. And because none of our jewellery is plated (this means we only use solid metals), it’s completely safe to keep your rings on while washing – they will not get damaged.

~ If you are going to be visiting the shops and foresee a lot of hand sanitising happening, rather opt to leave your rings at home. Adorn yourself with earrings and pendants instead.

~ Both soap and sanitisers can leave a residue on your rings that could affect the look of your jewels. Be sure to rinse them properly for optimum shine.



Important things to know: 

~ None of the metals that we use are plated. We only work in solid 9ct yellow, white and rose gold as well as solid sterling silver and solid brass.

~ As the metal is solid and not plated, the more you wear our jewellery, the cleaner it should stay. Please note, however, that brass and silver do tarnish naturally over time. 

~ Silver tarnishes faster in areas with high humidity, air pollution as well as contact with materials like cosmetics, perfume, hand sanitiser, deodorant, body lotion and bleach. 

~ Your jewellery may also become oxidised when reacting with acids in your skin, lotions and chemicals on your skin, or the moisture in your perspiration.

~ If your gold looks to be tarnishing, you are more than likely allergic to it and may need to consider using a higher carat gold (14ct or 18ct). 

What you can do:

~ Be sure to dry your hands properly in the area around and under your band. 

~ Remove your jewellery when applying moisturizer, perfumes or lotions. 

~ Tarnishing can easily be cleaned. Simply visit the Dear Rae store in Bree Street to get your jewels looking like new. 

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